Emerging Schools of Thought on Commons-Based Peer Production – New Article Out

November 10, 2018 in Freedom to innovate, News on publications, Open Source IT business

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Researcher Evangelos Papadimitropoulos just published a cool article that sums up and puts into perspective some of the emerging schools of thought on commons-based peer production (cbpp). Fresh hot off the (virtual) press, it also presents a pretty comprehensive and up-to-date list of references. I recommend the article to everyone interested in getting beyond the basics of commons-based peer production and discovering some of the different „currents“ of the emerging field of research and activism of cbpp.

I quote below some of my main take aways, for more, check the article itself: „Commons-Based Peer Production in the Work of Yochai Benkler“, published in the online journal „tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique. Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society“.

Some interesting quotes:

„Not only is there a tension between material rewards and pro-social motivations, but also between

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