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General Presentations

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Three demands for a good Internet of Things: Why IoT isn’t confined to industrialized countries.


Video (13:19) In German Three demands for a good Internet of Things: Why IoT isn’t confined to industrialized countries

In this presentation, I give an overview of a study conducted by GIZ and Betterplace for the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). [Link to Study-  will follow]. The 13 minute talk is in German and presents three demands for a good Internet of Things to further sustainable development (One demand is to promote Open Source and Open Standard within IoT to keep it: Open) . The talk makes the argument, that IoT isn’t (and shouldn’t be) confined to industrialized countries, because it has the potential to “do good”, if the framework conditions are right. The presenation was part of the 2015 #labtogether of betterplace on 20.11.2015

More in German: “Das Internet der Dinge ist mehr als Smart Homes und twitternde Kühlschränke: Richtig angewandt, kann vernetzte Technik auch in Schwellen- und Entwicklungsländern wie Brasilien oder Kenia helfen, Lebensumstände zu verbessern. Doch was braucht es, um das Phänomen Internet der Dinge zur Lösung sozialer Probleme zu nutzen? Balthas Seibold, Referent bei der Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ, stellt die Ergebnisse des heute veröffentlichten Landscape Review zum Internet der Dinge vor – und erläutert, welche Entwicklungen jetzt die wichtigsten sind.”

December2015  Link to youtube video: Three demands for a good Internet of Things.

Held at: #labtogether of betterplace on 20.11.2015

Video by: Stefan Birnbaum // birnbaum filme // /Lizenz: Standard-YouTube-Lizenz

Presentations on Open Source and Open Educational Resources for Capacity Building

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Open Educational Resources and Open Licensing for Capacity Building 25 slides: English In this presentation, Balthas Seibold gives an introduction to “Open Approaches to educational provision”, stressing the potential of Open Educational Resources and Open Licensing for Capacity Building. The presentation heavily draws on work by Dr. Andreas Meiszner – Senior Researcher & Project Manager at UNU-MERIT, CCG and its of course openly licensed :-).Table of content

  • Overview of the changing educational landscape
  • Introduction to Open Education
  • Open Educational Services in practice (openSE, openEd 2.0 (UNU-Merit), ict@innovation (GIZ))
  • Open Licensing for Human Capacity Building
June 2011 Downloadas a as an odp-file (can be edited).


Presentation at conference “Free Knowledge Free Technology – Education for a free information society “ “Free software and business models for IT companies” Presentation How can sustainable business models in Free Software grow local IT companies in Africa and worldwide? This was one of the main topics of an international panel discussion at the international conference “Free Knowledge Free Technology – Education for a free information society ” held in Barcelona, Spain from July 15 to July 17 2008. Balthas Seibold spoke about Sustainability in Development Cooperation and FOSS, emerging FOSS business models in Africa, Strategies for FOSS Market Segments as well as the future of FOSS Business Models in developing countries. August 2008 Presentation of Balthas Seibold at the panel discussion on “Free software and business models for IT companies”


Idlelo 3 conference: presentation on launch of “ict@innovation” Presentation Presentation on new regional program called “ict@innovation” held at the Pan-African Idlelo 3 Conference in Dakar on 17.03.2008. ict@innovation will focus on fostering small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the field of Free and Open Source Software through regional networking and strengthening of consulting capacities of ICT associations and training institutions in Southern and East Africa. Seibold stressed the potential of FOSS for the promotion of the private sector in Africa and an enabling environment for sustainable economic development, a focus of Germany’s cooperation through the BMZ. March 2008 Launch of ict@innovation


Drive for change! – Opening presentation by Balthas Seibold at FOSS Bridge EU-Vietnam conference Presentation The opening Presentation gives an overview of “Drive for change”, a conference on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) held at Horison Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. Carried out as part of the FOSS-Bridge EU-Vietnam initiative, the event was organized by InWEnt of Germany, INRIA of France, and the Institute of Information and Technology of Vietnam..”FOSS is about connecting people and businesses through knowledge. We are therefore most pleased to see that more and more players in Vietnam cross the bridge towards free and open source software”, stated organizers Vu The Binh of IOIT and Balthas Seibold of InWEnt. The conference was the culminating point of the initiative FOSS-Bridge EU-Vietnam, which has been promoting Southeast Asian software industries and cooperation with Europe through innovative collaboration on FOSS and business development since 2006. November 2008 The presentation is online as a pdf.

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