The global digital divide is an innovation and learning divide!

February 23, 2009 in Freedom to innovate, Freedom to learn, Open Source IT business

This article examines some of the ethical challenges and solutions related to the digital divide with a focus on how capacity building is crucial to bridge the different divides. The article is part of the volume “Internetökonomie und Ethik” (= The Economy of the Internet and Ethics) published by the renowed German editing house “Duncker & Humblot” in Berlin. In the article, Balthas Seibold postulates that from an ethical perspective, access to internet is not optional in developing countries and that four layers of Internet (physical layer, logical layer, content layer, learning layer) need to be kept open in order to allow for innovation and global digital equality (“Gütergerechtigkeit”). The article is online in German here: Publikationsseite.

New book: Globalization with a Human Face – Benefitting All

July 1, 2004 in News on publications

Globalization with a Human Face – Benefitting All – That’s what UNESCO promotes through a new book with the same title. Balthas Seibold has edited the volume and has contributed an article on “Media, Communication and Globalization”. Check the book on the publication section of this site.