seibold_future of global networking for international cooperationYesterday, I tried to put the future of „global networking for international cooperation“ in one slide –  looking five to ten years ahead. My first problem was to find a name for the future. I ended up with „Amorphous action communities for open innovation and [commons-based] peer production (globally connected, innovating locally)“.

Then, I outlined some of intermediate steps in networking such as „Open networks of trust“ and „Communities of Practice“, which we are already seeing popping up. My final guess was on some of the driving forces, that will lead us from today’s networks all the way to the „amorphous action communities“.

So here’s the picture, with the steps and the driving forces:

seibold_future of global networking for international cooperation

And here’s the link to a nice real-life visualization of edits of Wikipedia – for me that’s a glimpse of an „amorphous action community“ in the making.

By the way, I am still looking for the squares with the  question marks and for other, more concise names of the beast, so if you have alternatives or amendments to „„Amorphous action communities“ for open innovation and [commons-based] peer production (globally connected, innovating locally)“, please let me know. Also, comments are welcome as always …

My slide was part of a presentation at a global GIZ workshop on „alumni network and association“ in Berlin, with its group and all material here. [This is a link to content within the Alumniportal Germany (register or login first to access the link)]

Note: This text was first published on the blog of Balthas Seibold at the Alumniportal Germany ( Check the blog ( register or login first). All blog entries represent the personal views and ideas of Balthas Seibold.

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