Bahar Kumar from Nepal Communitere speaking at the session “Crisis response makerspaces” / Copyright: Foto Jan Zappner/re:publica, Licence: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I report here about one of my favorite sessions at re:publica 2018, which was on „Crisis response makerspaces“. I finally had the opportunity to meet Susan Long, innovation adviser at Field Ready in Syria and Bahar Kumar, strategic adviser at Nepal Communitere. Both stressed the need to „be locally grounded“ and to build strong communities to unleash the power of makers under difficult circumstances. Here‘s the topic of the session: „A mid-wife in the mountains of Nepal, a surgeon under bombardment in Northern Syria – how can digital, distributed manufacturing support them to deliver basic needs and healthcare services they need?“ I highly recommend to check out the recording, which is online now:

Disclaimer: I was part of the team that supported the BMZ partnership with re:publica, including the topic „tech for good“, which featured this session.

Note: This text was first published on the blog of Balthas Seibold at the Alumniportal Germany ( Check the blog ( register or login first). All blog entries represent the personal views and ideas of Balthas Seibold.

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