The makers of the open source social media platform “diaspora” have just launched another tool to get “ownership” back to the users of social media. See below for more info on . I get the feeling, that the technology is getting there  (give them some more months). However, I am not so sure that we as users of social online networks and as strategists on social media are putting such concepts as “ownership” at the centre of our strategy … Let me know, what you think.

And check the news on “” by the the Diaspora Team (Maxwell, Daniel, Rosanna and Kayla): “ was born, and we launched last week!  We wanted to spend some time on a unique problem we discovered while working on Diaspora* the past couple of years—the value of ownership.  Existing social networks do not encourage their users to feel like they have the power to MAKE things on the internet. Rather they are just “capturing” the ephemeral social actions that define social networks today.  With Makr, we are making creativity accessible to everyone, in the hopes it enables people to realize that what you post and create online is **worth** owning.  The idea is simple:  make a new post with words and photos, and then any other user can ‘remix’ your post, creating an endless collective conversation that can be inspiring or hilarious.  We put a lot of ourselves in Makr, and the result is something fun, silly, and collaborative, but also rooted in the same values as Diaspora* that we have championed since day one.  You can read more about our Makr mission here.

Note: This text was first published on the blog of Balthas Seibold at the Alumniportal Germany ( Check the blog ( register or login first). All blog entries represent the personal views and ideas of Balthas Seibold.

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