The Linux penguin - by Nemo, licensed under a Public Domain CC0 license, source:

The Linux penguin – by Nemo, licensed under a Public Domain CC0 license, source:

Last week, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)  announced a new LPI certification and training project throughout the 22 countries in the League of Arab States.

This is certainly good news for ICT capacity building in general and even more interesting for the community of ict@innovation, which has been building training capacities around Linux Administration in Africa since 4 years. It looks like there is a lot to share between the pan-African community of 200+ Linux Admin trainers of ict@innovation and the new Linux training partnership in the Arab world. According to the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), which is partnering with ITU in the Arab region, the new programme aims at establishing 132 Linux “Train the trainer” centers on all three levels of Linux professional Institute Certification.

More information on ict@innovations’ African Linux training community:

More information on the initiative of ITU and LPI in the Arab world: (Link now goes to archived version of the post on the Internet Archive, as the original post does not seem to be online on the ITU site any more).

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